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Being Transparent Is A Must
But Being Straightforward Is Valuable

Being transparent is a must but being straightforward with fees makes it easy to understand precisely what you are paying. There will be no convolution and financial jargon that keeps you wondering what the costs are. Learn more about pricing and the difference between "fee-based" & "fee-only."

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Is a Financial Advisor recommending mutual funds to you? Are you currently invested in mutual funds? At Armis Financial, we will educate you on the ugly truth behind mutual funds and why they can detrimental to your portfolio and your goals. We will then educate you on alternative solutions.

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The Ugly Truth Behind
Mutual Funds

Your Risk Profile. How to Gauge it.

Learn more on why some Risk Tolerance Questionnaires don’t capture all four spectrums of your Risk Profile. They either capture your emotional comfort to risk or just the level of risk you can afford. Two more aspects need to be considered to understand your Risk Profile fully.

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Fees that make sense.

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